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What makes a theft a burglary?

People and businesses in Florida own various types of property. They expect that they will be keep it until they decide to sell it, throw it away or give it away. There are times when people may lose their property or it may be taken from them though. The people...

Building a defense against DUI charges

When law enforcement pulls a driver over on suspicion of a DUI, it is not an experience easily forgotten. The shock of the officer’s charges, the embarrassment of submitting to field sobriety tests and then the officer’s arrest are all painful. But that is just the...

Dozens arrested for drug crimes in Polk County

When a Bartow area resident has been arrested for a drug crime, they can often feel overwhelmed, ashamed and scared. It can feel like everyone is against them and law enforcement and prosecutors are not listening to their side of the story. It is important that those...