Local faces multiple violent crime charges

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When arguments between loved ones occur, they often escalate, and sometimes, quickly and unfortunately, occasionally violently. This is why domestic violence is such a common problem in our state, which occurred recently in Polk County.

The incident

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, on Sunday morning, they arrested a local after he allegedly shot his girlfriend and their roommate. PCSO claims that the couple recently moved into their Bartow apartment, and the couple had been arguing Sunday morning. At some point, witnesses alleged that the girlfriend told her roommates she was afraid her boyfriend was going to kill her and wanted a restraining order. This, in turn, escalated with a brandished firearm, which then lead to the shooting.

The girlfriend died, which resulted in first-degree murder charges. And, while the roommate was only injured, the alleged shooting still resulted in an attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon charges, among others.

Options, post arrest

When arrested, ask for a lawyer, immediately. Anything one says can and will be used against them, which can mean increased charges, penalties or just making it easier for the government to get a conviction.

Next, begin developing a strong defense with the criminal defense attorney. This can be the key to one’s freedom.

There are always two sides to every Bartow, Florida, story, and everyone has the right to defend themselves in a court of law. And, our system is one that presumes innocence, so while it might be easy to jump to conclusions from a few small paragraphs in an article, life is seldom so straight forward.