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Did “probable cause” lead to your arrest?

In theory, no one is supposed to be arrested unless a warrant for the arrest is issued. However, in reality, every day in Florida, thousands of people are arrested without a warrant. Why? Well, it’s all because of a term most of our readers have probably heard before:...

‘Stand Your Ground’ law data is complex

Self-defense represents the most long-standing defense against fatal and nonfatal criminal charges. This defense traditionally requires a duty to retreat before using force should one exist. In other words, to plead self-defense, you must show that you had no choice...

Florida’s ‘felony murder’ rule

In the commission of a violent felony, meaning burglary, robbery, arson or rape, if someone is killed, according to the felony murder rule all perps involved will be charged with murder. This holds whether or not the death was intended or planned. It holds if each...

Understanding Florida theft charges

The laws of theft have subtle differences from one state to the next, including in Florida. Under Florida law, the definition of theft (or larceny, which is specifically theft of personal property) is taking, carrying, riding away with or concealing the property of...