Dozens arrested for drug crimes in Polk County

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When a Bartow area resident has been arrested for a drug crime, they can often feel overwhelmed, ashamed and scared. It can feel like everyone is against them and law enforcement and prosecutors are not listening to their side of the story. It is important that those who are facing drug crimes are aware of their legal rights.

Major meth sting operation uncovered

Recently, dozens of people in Polk County were arrested for drug crimes in a sting operation. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office announced that they have charged 47 people in methamphetamine trafficking in an operation dubbed “Operation Meth Death Peddlers”. Authorities believe meth was being brought up from Mexico and delivered to Polk County, Texas, South Carolina and Georgia. Authorities seized 50 pounds of meth, currency and firearms. Of the 47 people arrested, 9 were in the country illegally.

Criminal defense attorney

If a person finds themselves facing serious drug crimes, they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in criminal defense. An attorney has many strategies to defend their client including investigating the circumstances surrounding the arrest, reviewing police reports, and whether authorities had a warrant. They understand the penalties their client is facing and will aggressively defend their legal rights in order to gain a favorable outcome.

A person charged with drug crimes should not take chances on their freedom. An experienced attorney understands how the criminal justice system works and will work hard to make sure their client’s future is protected.