Clown allegedly involved in fatal shooting

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Just a cursory view of the news lately shows us that violent crime is on the rise, or at least the police are arresting more people for it. In either event, one recent alleged crime seems timely for the Halloween season.

The alleged shooting

According to the Daytona Beach Police Department, the fatal shooting happened at just after midnight last Monday outside the D Town Supermarkets. The store is located at the corner of east Nova Road and Orange Avenue. DBPD claims that a man approached a group when someone in clown mask, who was part of that group, shot the man.

The arrest

DBPD claimed that they arrested the 28-year-old Floridian that wore the clown mask and shot the victim. In the updated police press release, DBPD did not say what led to the incident, but they did state that the victim eventually died at a Halifax Hospital. They also did not update whether the accused was released on bond.

Violent crimes in Florida

For those accused of a violent crime, the key to successfully fighting those criminal charges is a strong criminal defense.  Everyone in Bartow, Florida, and throughout Florida generally is entitled to a defense, but be sure to set oneself up for success.

Tips to helping one’s criminal defense

First, one does not have to consent to a search. As such, if a police officer asks to search one’s person, car, home, etc., do not consent. Repeat it, and make it clear. Second, one does not have to participate in the police investigation. They can request ID, but one is not obligated to participate in an investigation. Third, if the police initiate an arrest, state one’s choice to invoke their right to remain silent and ask for an attorney. Finally, if the police press on with questions, continue to repeat the request for an attorney.