How long can a juvenile be detained in Florida?

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Anyone who recalls their youth probably recalls making some mistakes or bad choices here and there. Unfortunately, sometimes those mistakes lead to serious consequences, such as a criminal charge. Florida juveniles under the age of 18 who find themselves facing a criminal charge often have many questions about their legal rights.

Some of the most basic juvenile rights involve if detention is appropriate in the first place, and if so, how long the detention may last. First, a juvenile charged with a crime in Florida must appear in court within 24 hours of being arrested, so a determination on continued detention can be made.

Length of detention

Next, it is important to know that certain criteria must be met before detaining a juvenile in the state of Florida. Every case is different, but before deciding to detain a juvenile, a court must consider the nature of the current charge. If the charge is a relatively minor crime, the juvenile may be released to a parent or guardian in lieu of detention.

Other factors considered by a court include any prior criminal history and any other circumstances that may have a bearing on the continued need for detention. Typically, detention is ordered if the juvenile is determined to be a public safety risk.

If a court orders a juvenile be detained, the limit for detention under Florida law is 21 days. This time limit can be increased if the charged offense is serious but cannot exceed 30 days.

Protect your rights

A juvenile criminal conviction can be devastating to a young person. One bad incident or choice can lead to a lifetime of negative consequences affecting an education, career or numerous other opportunities.

It is crucial to make sure your legal rights are protected from the start, making sure you are not unjustly detained, or detained for longer than is legally allowed. An experienced criminal defense attorney can ensure your rights are protected and guide you through the process.