What is considered domestic violence?

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Domestic violence is a complicated subject. Some people may be surprised to know that the authorities may define domestic violence as more than just hitting or kicking. Both those who have been victims of domestic violence and those who have been accused of it can benefit from learning about the legal resources available to protect anyone involved in a domestic violence situation,.

More than just physical

There are several categories of domestic violence and physical violence is the most commonly considered form of domestic violence. Physical abuse can include grabbing pushing, slapping, shoving, hitting, stabbing, burning, pinching, biting and kicking. It can also include withholding basics needs like food, shelter, medication or medical care.

Other types of domestic violence, however, can include psychological abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse and cyberstalking or other stalking behaviors.

Anyone can be involved in family violence. Parties that may be impacted by domestic violence situations can include spouses; ex-spouses; children and parents; individuals related by blood or marriage; and parties who share children in common. Domestic violence generally takes place between family members and household members.

Domestic violence charges can have significant and long-lasting impacts on accused individuals and their families. Domestic violence allegations, charges, penalties and consequences can also have a personal and legal impact. They can interfere with accused individual’s employment, ability to remain in their home and potentially with other rights as well. Domestic violence is an understandably emotional and challenging situation to be in which is why accused individuals should be familiar with criminal defense resources that may be available and also needed.