What kind of crimes or charges attract federal attention?

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In Florida, a state renowned for its diverse culture and bustling tourism, certain crimes draw the keen eye of federal authorities. Federal charges typically stem from offenses that transcend state boundaries or involve federal properties.

Drug trafficking and federal jurisdiction

Our state’s extensive coastline makes it susceptible to drug trafficking activities that originate from multiple nations that target the state itself or multiple other states. Consequently, drug trafficking cases often catch the attention of federal authorities, especially if it is determined that the underlying crimes are interstate or international nature. This can be true, even if the resident had no intention of being involved in anything interstate or international.

Cybercrimes and identity theft

In an era dominated by digital advancements, cybercrimes, like identity theft, internet fraud and hacking, are on the rise. Unfortunately, these crimes are rarely limited to our state. As a result, and given their widespread impact and often cross-border operations, federal authorities are inclined to intervene when states charge cybercrimes or identity theft.

Immigration and customs violations

The strategic geographic location of Florida makes it a focal point for immigration-related offenses, such as illegal entry, visa fraud and human trafficking. While the nexus of these crimes may feel local, federal agencies primarily manage these cases due to their implications on national security and border control.

Bank robbery

Bank robbery, regardless of the amount stolen, is deemed a federal offense because banks are federal insured. Thus, such crimes are prosecuted under federal law to uphold the integrity of the banking system. This is true even if the only banks robbed are in Florida.


Understanding the distinction between state and federal charges is imperative. Crimes like drug trafficking, cybercrimes, immigration violations and bank robbery are more likely to incur federal prosecution in Florida due to their inherent complexities and broader implications. This is true even if you are initially charged locally.