Addressing a false accusation of domestic violence

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If you are falsely accused of domestic violence, it can be devastating and have a serious impact on several aspects of your life. It can affect your employment and personal relationships with family and friends.

Domestic violence

In Florida, domestic violence applies to incidents between people who are in a domestic relationship. This can include spouses, former spouses, people related by blood or marriage, parents of a child in common or partners in a romantic relationship.

The violence can include assault and battery, other physical injuries or threats of physical injury. The accused offender must have intended to cause harm to the victim.

The court can grant a restraining order to the accuser. A conviction for domestic violence can lead to fines, imprisonment and sometimes mandatory courses or counseling.

Potential defenses

The defenses that are available for a domestic violence accusation will vary depending on the circumstances of the incident. It’s useful to gather evidence that can demonstrate you did not act violently. This could include witness statements, texts, emails, voicemails, photos or other documentation.

If you were not present when the alleged violence occurred or if the accuser has a motive to make a false accusation, that may be useful in your defense. Also, if you acted in self-defense or to defend another person, you may be able to show that your actions were necessary to protect yourself or the other person from danger.

Domestic violence accusations can be very emotional and as difficult as it may be to stay calm, it’s important to address the accusations with as much composure as possible.