Federal agent with ties to Florida faces criminal charges

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Recent news events have served as a reminder that Florida has strict laws that prevent others from taking advantage of their positions.

Authorities recently arrested a federal employee, who had a management role at a major airport, on charges filed in Florida. The Transportation Safety Administration has since placed the employee on leave.

Florida officials accuse the official and another person of falsifying a deed to real estate. The deed at issue supposedly transferred real estate to the official and her companion. The alleged victim, who owned the property, is a relative of the official and has been diagnosed with dementia.

While the official herself is facing a forgery charge, the other person involved is facing multiple charges, including two charges of exploitation.

In Florida, those who have the authority to manage the finances of vulnerable elderly or disabled people may face a felony exploitation charge if they do not perform their responsibilities properly. Authorities may also file these charges for other reasons.

Depending on the amount of money involved, a person can wind up spending decades in prison and paying thousands of dollars in fines over exploitation charges.

Financial disputes with relatives can lead to criminal charges

No doubt more details about this case will come to light.

Still, Polk County residents who may be involved in managing the finances of a friend, relative or other person will want to pay attention to this story.

Especially when there is internal conflict, family issues involving the care of an older or disabled relative can easily reach a boiling point.

If a disgruntled family member decides to call authorities, there is always a chance that someone who was only trying to help can wind up facing criminal charges.

Floridians who are accused of crimes related to financial mismanagement should make sure they understand their legal options. In some cases, it is best for a person to admit their mistake and move on with life as best they can.

However, there are many other cases where police and prosecutors try to make what was at worst carelessness or a misunderstanding into a felony. In these situations, it may be best to assert a defense to the charges.