Larceny and other theft crimes

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Some Florida residents might be confused about the difference between larceny and theft. The definitions are easy to combine, since larceny is a type of theft. However, some types of theft are not larcenies.

Larceny is a criminal offense that involves a person taking the property of another without the owner’s consent and with the intent to permanently deprive the property owner of his or her right to possess the property. Larceny involves taking physical property. Larceny offenses are categorized by the value of the property that is taken. When items of small value are taken, the offense is a petit larceny. People who take more expensive items can be charged with felony larceny offenses.

Theft is a more general term that refers to people taking something of value from another person with the intent to permanently deprive him or her of it. It can include such things as leaving a restaurant without paying for a meal, stealing someone’s identity, and many other actions. Other types of theft include burglaries and robberies. A burglary occurs when someone enters a building that is owned by someone else with the intent to commit a felony or to steal something. A robbery occurs when someone uses physical force to steal the property of another person.

There are many different types of theft crimes that can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies. Theft convictions can result in a variety of different sentences, depending on the seriousness of the offenses. People who are facing theft charges may want to retain experienced criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible after they have been charged. A lawyer may review the evidence and build a strong case on behalf of the client.