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Charged With A Theft Crime In Polk County?

Theft crimes often turn on how much something costs. As you might assume, the possible penalties are more severe as the alleged value of the theft increases. A potential sentence for taking a package of baseball cards is less than it would be for stealing a flat-screen television. To build a strong defense against a theft charge, speak with a defense attorney as soon as possible.

Get a tough criminal defense attorney in your corner by contacting Blenk Law, PA, in Polk County. We will review the statute with you and describe how Florida law applies to your situation.

By definition, a theft occurs when someone knowingly obtains/uses or tries to obtain/use the property of someone else. Theft crimes vary in severity. Several examples of felony-level offenses are dealing in stolen property and embezzlement. Below is a list of some other common theft charges:

Grand Theft

This special term applies if the value of the property taken is more than $300. It also applies in other unique situations like taking cattle or a certain amount of fruit. Grand theft is a third-degree felony and punishable by up to five years in prison.

Petit Theft

Three hundred dollars is a dividing line. The theft of property worth less than $300 is petit theft. The charge is generally a misdemeanor with a possible sentence of up to one year in jail. These charges are often filed against juveniles, who are still learning and may have made a mistake.


The Florida criminal courts refer to shoplifting as “retail theft.” Similar to other theft charges, the severity of a charge depends on the value of property taken.

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