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Unraveling Complex Property Division Matters

In most contested divorces or dissolution of marriages, there are issues related to the division of assets and debts. When a purchase took place is often important. This is because the characterization of property as marital or nonmarital will affect the division of an asset. Reaching appropriate valuations is also complicated.

At Blenk Law, PA, we are here to help unwind your finances. Our focus is on securing the best financial future for you after a final divorce judgment.

A final order or negotiated property settlement will decide who keeps what personal property as well as retirement and investment accounts, real estate, vehicles and other valuables (i.e., a collection or pieces of valuable jewelry). It will also address debts and who must pay a mortgage or large credit card bills.

More Than A Decade Of Experience With Property Division

Lawyer Paul Blenk has handled many Polk County divorces while in practice for more than a decade. He is able to spot maneuvers designed to hide assets. For example, a secret bank account or giving away property right before a divorce.

While in many cases, a negotiated property settlement is possible. A court trial may be required if there are valuation disputes or missing assets. The Florida courts will equitably divide property based on some of the following factors:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Contribution of assets by each spouse
  • An interruption in career or educational opportunity
  • Desirability of retaining an asset
  • Wasteful spending of assets after the divorce was filed

Paul Blenk takes the time to explain the law in more detail based on the facts of your case. He is also available for questions that arise during the divorce process.

Help Secure Your Financial Future

Decisions during a divorce can affect your finances all the way through retirement. Contact a divorce attorney with the experience to obtain a fair property settlement online or at 863-578-8617.

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