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Taking The Right Steps To Establish Paternity

If you were not married when your child was born, you must take additional steps to establish paternity. An affidavit or acknowledgement of paternity signed at the hospital after the baby is born is one step. But what happens if your relationship breaks down?

A mother generally has the right to the child, and a father usually has to go to court to request visitation. Child support may also be involved especially if the mother receives any form of government aid.

Helping You Resolve Paternity Disputes All Over Polk County, Florida

Attorney Paul Blenk can help you resolve a child-related dispute if you were unmarried at the time your baby was born. He has helped individuals across Polk County make informed decisions in paternity cases. With more than a decade of experience, he can help you reach a positive outcome.

When any case involves children, emotions run high. In some cases, the behavior of a mother may lead to questions about paternity. When paternity is at issue and good cause exists, the court may order genetic testing.

The determination of a child’s father carries many rights and responsibilities. Losing time with a child is painful, and it may be necessary to seek court-ordered custody. However, a child support order will be in effect for many years, so it is important to get genetic testing in some situations. These issues need to be addressed as soon as possible when disputes arise.

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