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A Caring Child Custody Attorney Who Can Help

When a family law case involves a child, it has the potential to be emotionally charged and of high conflict. Has your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend refused to allow you to see your child? Are you arguing about child support?

You need the representation of an attorney you can trust. Blenk Law, PA, is a trusted advocate who has helped families across Polk County find solutions.

As you face decisions that will affect your future, lawyer Paul Blenk can minimize the stress and handle the legal requirements. He will listen to understand what you hope to achieve. Then he will work toward a positive resolution related to child custody and child support. He handles cases with compassion and is available when you have a question or concern.

Child Custody And Time-Sharing Plans

Agreeing on child custody and a time-sharing plan is often one of the most difficult parts of dissolution of marriage or paternity case. How far away you live from the other parent is an important factor along with the age of the child and work schedules. A rotating schedule of two weeks with a parent and then two weeks with the other might work for a younger child, but not a school age child. With smaller children, more frequent contact is often important.

Paul Blenk will explain Florida custody law and listen to what custody arrangement would work best for you. Depending on your case, negotiation may result in a positive outcome, but sometimes a trial is necessary.

Child Support Considerations

Florida courts apply a guidelined approach when determining child support. While this sounds straightforward, it may be difficult to determine the correct income for each parent. This is an important calculation, because it determines what you will pay or receive generally until your child turns 18.

This is where Blenk Law, PA, can help. We have the know-how to ensure a fair child support award. We may also be able to negotiate who pays for medical insurance and child care.

Here To Help You

At Blenk Law, PA, you come first. If you’re in the midst of child custody or child support conflict, we are here to help. Please contact us online or call 863-578-8617 as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

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