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Do You Need To Modify A Court Order?

Change is inevitable in life. Moving a family through divorce and a transition time is difficult, and you may not want to readdress those issues. There are times when a change in income or a new employment opportunity means you need to request a modification of a final judgment.

Whether Blenk Law, PA, handled your initial case or not, we can help you make the needed changes to your prior divorce order. With more than a decade of experience, attorney Paul Blenk has helped individuals in Bartow and across Polk County with modifications.

Our approach is to ensure you understand the law and all of your options before you make a decision. Let’s say you discover that your ex-spouse accepted a new position making tens of thousands of dollars more each year. Is that enough to seek a modification of child support? It could be, but it will ultimately depend on your situation. In a borderline case, it may not make sense to pursue a modification.

Relocations Are Common Post-Final Judgment Matters

Have you received a tempting job offer in another state? Maybe you want to start a graduate program or move closer to family. These are all common reasons to relocate.

If you and your former spouse share custody of a child or children, the move will be more complicated. In Florida, you can relocate if the other parent or person entitled to time sharing agrees. Even if there is agreement, you need it in writing, and you must include detailed information. When there is no agreement, then a petition with the court is necessary.

Whether there is an agreement or not, lawyer Paul Blenk can walk you through the process of modifying a prior order. When relocation is contested, he will discuss ways to address objections and reach a positive outcome.

When Circumstances Change, Contact Us

A change in income or the potential to move out of Florida may require a modification of a final divorce judgment. Contact Paul Blenk at 863-578-8617 or online via the information form to discuss your situation.

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