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The Answers You Need About Polk County Divorce

What are the requirements to file for a divorce? How long does the process take from start to final order? Who has to move out of the joint residence? These common questions come up when you decide to separate and file for divorce.

In Florida, a divorce (also referred to as dissolution of marriage) is granted in two types of cases. Either the marriage must be irretrievably broken or one of the parties must suffer from mental incapacity. This means that generally it is hard to defend against a divorce unless there was some element of fraud.

Our attorney at Blenk Law, PA, will answer your questions based on his experience with the local Polk County courts. He can advise you about the most common mistakes to avoid during the divorce process. He has handled divorces for individuals in Bartow and surrounding communities.

The Benefits Of Choosing The Right Divorce Attorney

In Florida, when a case goes to trial, the presiding judge will equitably decide the matter after hearing testimony and reviewing evidence. An equitable award does not mean 50-50, but allows for wide discretion. While some cases may need to go to trial, a settlement offers better results in others.

Attorney Paul Blenk is devoted to finding a resolution that will work for you now and into the future whether through negotiations or trial. He will review the validity of a prenuptial agreement. Then he will work with you to establish a child custody schedule and fair support payment. While guidelines often exist, there is usually room to negotiate child support and spousal support. He will also ensure all marital assets are accounted for and properly valued in reaching a property settlement.

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