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Real Family Law Advocacy In Polk County

When you make a decision to end a relationship, there is a line drawn in the sand. Blenk Law, PA, can handle the legal process for you in Polk County, Florida. The following are the types of cases we handle:

Attorney Paul Blenk will sit down with you, and take the time to understand your problem and desired outcome. He’ll then explain the law and legal process to you. After that, he can take the ball — lifting some of the weight from your shoulders — and run with it keeping you up-to-date on the status. He will work quickly and effectively to resolve your case.

If a family law case dovetails with a juvenile law matter, Paul Blenk has the skill to consult on both matters. He can help a family resolve a criminal charge related to a sex crime or theft while dealing with other family law matters at the same time.

Move Beyond The Past And Into The Future

The end of a relationship is often compared to mourning the death of a loved one. Stages of grief ranging from denial to anger are common in the beginning. Then they may give way to depression and later acceptance.

An angry comment posted on Facebook can come up during a divorce. A veiled text message threat to keep children from seeing their father or mother can easily impact a custody case. While it is easier said than done, you need to watch your emotions during a family law conflict. Realize that your former partner may be trying to push your buttons to help his or her case.

Learn three key mistakes to avoid when you’re going through divorce.

Consult A Family Law Attorney

When you face a family dispute, it has the potential to threaten future relationships. Speaking with lawyer Paul Blenk as soon as possible is one way to minimize damage and find a workable solution. Dial 863-578-8617 or complete the online form to set up a $100 flat fee consult today.

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